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My blog is moving! After much deliberation, I’ve decided to host my own blog. It just feels like the right time to start somewhere new. This will be my last post here. The new site can be found at It is far from being finished, but I realized that if I waited until it was “just right” I’d never make the switch. So, expect it to be under construction for a while. Probably forever. 🙂

As I’m sure all my regular readers noticed, my life and my blog posts have taken a decidedly maternal bent. Being a new mother has propelled me into all kinds of baby issues, from diapering to toys to parenting, and I’m coping with the general elation and struggles that come with that territory. Then there is the other me, the graphic designer, crafty gal, gentle soul, who likes to try new recipes, take photos, explore, make things and just be me. Juggling part-time work (even from home) and a baby is no small feat, but I’d like to try and carve out more time for my own personal projects and pursuits. We’ll see how it all pans out. I hope you will join me in finding out.

P.S. To help make the transition, I’ll be having several fun giveaways during the month of March. See you there!



Dear Chloe, 3 months old

Dear Chloe,

You are 3 months old today. Even though you have only been a part of my life for a short time, you’ve had a remarkable impact upon it. You are my own little miracle, and I am honored to call myself your mother.

In a mere 3 months, you’ve grown from a tiny, vulnerable, 6 pounds 15 ounces to a happy, healthy 11 pounds. Every day something about you awes me, inspires me, humbles me. You’ve passed out of cradle cap, projectile vomiting and you’ve outgrown your newborn clothes. You can go three hours now between nursings (it used to be only two) and you can grasp a toy in your hand if we help place it there. You lift your head, tracks us as we move around, smile charmingly, and can even roll from your tummy to your back. Your eyes are still the gorgeous grey you were born with, though, and I wouldn’t mind at all if they stayed that way. Did I mention your fingernails grow like weeds? They’re like miniature lethal weapons, especially where my cleavage is concerned.

The weather is changing along with your growing self. In Greek, Chloe means “blossoming,” which is quite appropriate as the seasons pass from Autumn (your middle name), through winter, and soon into spring. I see evidence of it all around. I am looking forward to us learning and growing together, and fervently hope that I will be the nurturing guidance you need me to be as you continue to make your own way in this world.

Love forever my sweet girl,

Umpqua Weekend

Asian pears, right before picking

This weekend David and I drove the 3 hours south to Kevin & Jerry’s farmhouse near Roseburg, where we met up with our friends and the two Austrians who were visiting them. It was a wonderful two days – swimming in the river, eating delicious meals together al fresco, enjoyable conversation, munching fresh fruit off the trees, the peace and quiet, leisurely reading and finishing a knit hat for baby. Several times I found myself pausing to marvel at how completely content I felt. It is rare for me to really be ‘in the moment,’ but there I was, basking in all the happiness I felt, hoping I’d be able to recall it later. I’d say a little prayer of thanks for such a wonderful place and wonderful people. It was a beautiful feeling, and good to be reminded how blessed I am.

The Big Surprise + The Big News

Just a hint at the personalized service provided by The Capital Grille

Last Thursday we flew to Denver to surprise David’s mom for her 60th birthday. As far as Sandy knew, she was simply going to meet Alan after work for a very nice dinner at a restaurant called The Capital Grille. What she didn’t know was that Andrew and Aundrea (her youngest son and his fiancée, who live in Denver) and David and I were going to “crash” their little dinner party about 15 minutes after they arrived.

The restaurant did a magnificent job of playing along. The host apologized and said that their table for two wasn’t ready, and would they mind just waiting a bit at the bar? Not too long afterward, the four of us arrived and were ushered quickly into a cozy and elegant private room where we waited for Sandy and Alan to be alerted that their table was finally ready. SURPRISE! The host opened the door and there we were. Sandy was floored, practically glued to the doorway in stunned surprise. It was priceless. Utter disbelief mingled with tears of joy. So gratifying for all of us. I wish I had taken pictures, but at the same time I was really glad I could just enjoy the moment.

Eventually we all settled down long enough to place our orders and enjoy our delicious food – crispy pan-fried calamari, fresh basil mozzerella and mango salad, porcini rubbed Delmonico dry aged steak, lobster, grilled pork chop, lobster mac & cheese, creamy potatoes au gratin, fresh asparagus with hollandaise, heirloom tomatoes… I was lucky enough to try at least a bite of almost everything, and my taste buds were singing.

Right before dessert (crème brûlée and a taste of coconut cream pie), we shared our Big News. David handed his mom her “birthday” gift from us, a little photo album. We left it practically empty, except for the first page where we included a scan of our early ultrasound. I think it took about a heartbeat to register before she looked up, wide-eyed, at both of us for confirmation. Is it true? Yep. We’re pregnant!

She’ll be missed

Mia (background) and Barkley on one of their many adventures

Barkley’s best friend, Mia, was put to sleep today. She had been having trouble walking last week, and slowly got worse, to the point where she could hardly move. Several trips to the vet eventually revealed a tumor near her spine.

Mia has been part of our lives for over 6 years. It is hard to imagine a future without her now. And I wonder about Barkley. How long will he look around to try and find her when we’re over at their house? How long will he be able to smell her scent in the grass? I’m sure he’ll be sad. She was his favorite playmate, the alpha of their doggy duo. She will certainly be missed.

Need… Sunshine…

So far, this has not been one of my better weeks. Like on Monday, when I showed up for a client meeting downtown at 11am, instead of 2pm. Right! I forgot we had switched the time, and I even had it written correctly on my ical (I just forgot to double check). Luckily she was able to meet with me anyway. And on the way to this particular meeting, while I was stopped at a red light, a strange, very scary looking man stepped out of nowhere and attacked my car… with a windshield washer. I was all “No don’t!” but he ignored me and scrubbed and squeegeed my windshield (which was already clean, mind you) against my will. But then I felt bad for this guy, just trying to make a living on the street, so I gave him a dollar worth of quarters that I was going to use to pay for street parking. And he actually finished in exactly the time it took for the light to change to green. I guess that counts as honest work right? Better than begging on the street corners?

Then there was the time where I thought I was being so good and only helped myself to half of an ice cream cookie sandwich from the freezer. Yep, I cut that cookie sandwich in half, ate my half happily, and then was asked later by my husband (once it was too late, of course) why I left the entire box of ice cream sitting on the counter to melt. Why? Why did I do this?

Anyway, I could go on about my ridiculous mistakes this week. Truly. But today it is actually sunny and warm for a change, and I can only hope that maybe some much needed sunshine can unfreeze my rusty mind gears and put me back to rights again.

Eat Pray Love

There have been times where I just happen to buy, borrow, or be given just the right book at the just the right time when I’d enjoy it most. This time, the book is called Eat Pray Love, by Elizabeth Gilbert.

I haven’t been doing much reading lately, mostly because I’ve been getting headaches before barely finishing a chapter. Pretty annoying for someone who loves to read as much as I do. Instead, using a credit generously given by my father-in-law, my husband downloaded the book for me from Thanks to the ipod, now I can just sit (or lay) listening as the story unfolds, as the author’s voice transports me to Italy, and soon to India, and later to Indonesia.

I guess I should clarify my first paragraph a little, too. I have found this book to be very interesting so far, but not because I have any desire to divorce my husband, or because I want to put off having children (as the author writes). But because I am curious about her search, and her travels. In chapter nine, she notes “My truth was exactly as I told the medicine man in Bali – I wanted to experience both. I wanted worldly enjoyment and divine transcendence – the dual glories of a human life. I wanted what the Greeks called kalos kai agathos, the singular balance of the good and the beautiful.”

I found this idea to be so profound. Because in a way, that is what we all want to some extent (or maybe I’m just speaking for myself here) – to enjoy the pleasures of the world (a life full of good food, true love, travels, enriching experiences and happiness) and yet to also be enlightened, to have an understanding (religious or otherwise) but without giving up everything, to not have to be a beggar, or a monk, or to give up all our worldly possessions. I think we’d all like to achieve that sort of balance in our lives.

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