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My blog is moving! After much deliberation, I’ve decided to host my own blog. It just feels like the right time to start somewhere new. This will be my last post here. The new site can be found at It is far from being finished, but I realized that if I waited until it was “just right” I’d never make the switch. So, expect it to be under construction for a while. Probably forever. 🙂

As I’m sure all my regular readers noticed, my life and my blog posts have taken a decidedly maternal bent. Being a new mother has propelled me into all kinds of baby issues, from diapering to toys to parenting, and I’m coping with the general elation and struggles that come with that territory. Then there is the other me, the graphic designer, crafty gal, gentle soul, who likes to try new recipes, take photos, explore, make things and just be me. Juggling part-time work (even from home) and a baby is no small feat, but I’d like to try and carve out more time for my own personal projects and pursuits. We’ll see how it all pans out. I hope you will join me in finding out.

P.S. To help make the transition, I’ll be having several fun giveaways during the month of March. See you there!



2009 “Green” Desk Calendar Giveaway

A sample view showing the different flower and plant images, and the plastic display holder.

I have (3) beautiful 2009 desk calendars to give away. Each has been printed by BB Print Source using 100% clean wind generated electricity, vegetable-based inks, and 100% post consumer recycled card stock. To participate, continue reading…

Obviously my life changed has changed dramatically since Chloe’s birth and it is no surprise that she is all I want to write about now. That said, I’ve been thinking about starting another blog, more geared to the mother I am now, including my thoughts on raising a child and my experiences with baby products. I hope to post about other things too, but I feel like now is a good time to start fresh somewhere else.

I’m also trying to think of possible web site names. Sadly, is already taken. My favorite alternate so far is Paperseed Baby, but I’m afraid both Chloe and I will out grow it in a couple years. I also like Paperseed Blog, but I feel like specifically calling it a blog might be limiting, too. Other possibilities might be Paperseed Kid, Paperseed Ink, etc.

For a chance to win a calendar, I’d appreciate any comment with your thoughts on the new (possible) blog, your choice/suggestion for a new web site name, or anything else you feel like saying. I’ll use the generator at to pick the winners early next week. Thanks and good luck!

Yay, I won!

I just received an email that I won this giveaway from Quilt Baby! I just love their modern prints and especially their giraffe onsie. Such fun stuff! I feel so lucky!

Crafty Giveaway Pendant Winners

I’m barely scooting this post in before midnight, but I wanted to announce that the winners of the pendant giveaway are Joy, Karen, and Jen. Congratulations! David drew the names earlier, but then we had a friend over for dinner and I got wrapped up in making the most AMAZING buttermilk chocolate cake I have ever had (more about that later). Actually, I had just planned on one draw, but it was a bit anti-climactic, so I had him draw two more names – thus the three winners! Thank you all so much for your lovely comments and I hope to have more to share very soon!

 After some delayed consideration, and even though their names weren’t pulled in the drawing by David, I would also like to offer a pendant to Tracy, Rachel, and Sarah Jackson, who were among the very first blogs I ever visited and enjoyed, and who have been long-time commenters, almost since the beginning. Thank you guys for being such wonderful support and inspirations to my blog world.

Crafty Giveaway

I’ve been having fun designing and making plastic pendants lately. I love combining colors and shapes and patterns into these little (mostly) 1″x 1″ works. You can kind of see what’s been on my mind lately – birds, patchwork, snowflakes, leaves and flowers. I don’t tend to wear much jewelry myself, but I like how necklaces can provide just the right amount of polish and character every now and then. Anyway, I hope you guys like them. To celebrate recently reaching my 250th post and to thank everyone who stops by my little blog, I’m holding my first crafty giveaway!

To enter, simply leave a comment on this post. That’s it! On Friday I’ll announce a winner by having David draw a name. The winner will get to chose a pendant from the selection shown above, and I’ll attach it to a leather cord for wearing. Be sure to leave a valid email address so I can contact the winner for a shipping address. Thanks for visiting and good luck!

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