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I’m so crafty…

Hah! I totally got a kick out of seeing this shirt! They should make it in pink, too. From MuthaCrafter.


The danger of online browsing

Somehow I fell into window shopping online tonight. So dangerous. I just love the fabrics and styles that are coming out right now for fall. Especially in dark or charcoal grey, one of my favorite colors to wear. Oh man. If I had a normal figure right now I would be spending so much money. First of all, check out the awesome dress below from Anthropologie. I hardly ever wear dresses, but I would find a reason to wear this one. Can you imagine? With some tall black boots? Oh boy, I’d feel like a million bucks. Love the shape and pleated asymmetrical details. If I was slightly less sane I would go wild and buy one now, with the hope that someday, after baby is born, I might have a defined waist again.

Echo, Echo Dress

Yes, some really nice things out there. And to be fair, there are some wearable and semi-reasonable maternity finds, too. Like this well-designed coat and sweaters from Old Navy. Quite a surprise to find them there, if you ask me.

From Old Navy Maternity: Wool-Blend Swing Coat, Cable-Knit Crossover Cardigan, Pleated Sweater Coat

I tried the coat on the other day, before David noticed the $88 price tag. Since I mostly work from home, I have no reason to buy a maternity coat that I’ll only wear for a few months. More likely, I’ll be wearing David’s jackets and coats, at least until I can fit into my own again. Sometimes I forget that my body won’t simply bounce back to its pre-pregnancy size the minute baby is born. Luckily I was reminded recently, that I will likely be wearing maternity clothes for at least a couple months after baby. So I guess that is a good enough reason to buy a few nice, warm pieces to supplement my borrowed goods, since there is only so much I can stand of looking like a sack of potatoes. 🙂

Yard Sale Score

Our very first yard sale finds for the future nursery – a set of Pottery Barn Kids Wooden Alphabet Blocks (with a letter, a corresponding word, or image on each side) and 2 Pottery Barn white wood frames, all at a fraction of retail price. Normally, we wouldn’t even consider more Pottery Barn stuff, considering our history there, but these were an exception. There was lots of other baby/kids stuff, but not much that really suited our taste or aesthetic. But, you never know. We’ve been advised many times that yard sales (and craigslist) are the way to go for cheap and still-useful baby goods.

Tea Collection

Not too long after we found out we’re having a little girl, I ordered two of my first baby dresses online. I had gotten a catalog for Tea Collection months ago, although I’m not sure how I ended up on their mailing list. Fate, maybe? I’m not on any baby or children-related mailing lists that I know of. Anyway, I just LOVED their asian-inspired styles. So once I knew, I got on their site to find that they were having a summer sale and that most of my favorites were 50% off! How could I resist?

So this is what I got:

Daily Tea Blossom Tank Dress (Check out the Video View…so adorable!)

Daily Tea Mini Blossom Tank Dress

Daily Tea Solid Bloomers (which matches both dresses)

It was kind of weird buying outfits in next summer’s sizing, considering she is not even here yet, but I didn’t want to loose this opportunity. I rarely see baby stuff I like this much, and their fall collection is Norway-inspired, which doesn’t really impress me the same way.

The package just arrived today, and they are just as cute as I’d hoped! I wonder if this color scheme could somehow translate to the nursery…

Yay, I won!

I just received an email that I won this giveaway from Quilt Baby! I just love their modern prints and especially their giraffe onsie. Such fun stuff! I feel so lucky!

Plain & Simple Maternity Swimwear

Okay, finding a swimsuit is hard, but finding a maternity swimsuit is ridiculously difficult. And it doesn’t help that I am as picky as they come on this topic. As a matter of fact, my favorite pre-pregnancy two-peice is a red halter-style bikini top with boy short bottoms. It is a few years old now, but back then I drove to three different Targets in order to finally find my size. So you can see, during the rare times that I find one I like, I am willing to go the distance.

After doing a fair amount of internet searching and perusing the racks at a couple nearby stores, I saw a lot of ugly maternity suits. I really wanted PLAIN – no polkadots, animal prints, plaids, ruffles or hardware. It is bad enough that my stomach is becoming an ornament in itself. I don’t want to be baring it to the world either, so I’ll just take a one-piece (or a two-peice with respectable belly coverage), thank you very much.

So. I finally found three acceptable options. Each one simple (some would say boring) and no frills. Budget-wise they can be described as:

The extra fancy pro: gorgeous, con: expensive
Middle of the road
pro: somewhat more affordable, con: two-piece
The big cheapster
pro: cheap, con: not a very good fit

I deliberated for quite a while, but knew with the summer months ahead and a pregnancy swim class starting soon, that I had to make a decision. I’m kind of embarrassed to even admit which one I prefer, but it might just end up being my one big splurge. Am I just being crazy?

The extra fancy

Middle of the road

The big cheapster

Polar Lights & Swedish Fashion Stamps

polar lights stamps postage

I was at the post office the other day to pick up a new supply of first-class stamps. David wanted the Marvel Super Heroes, but they were out, so I got a sheet of the Forever stamps instead. I also picked up a sheet of these pretty Polar Lights stamps, too, depicting photographs of aurora borealis and aurora australis.

This is what the back of the two stamps say:

The southern lights, aurora australis, are the polar lights as seen in the Southern Hemisphere. Auroras often appear in visual forms that combine aspects of arcs, curtains, and rays; this photograph shows an aurora over Antarctica, where hints of red indicate particularly strong magnetic activity in space.

The northern lights, or aurora borealis, are a common sight in the northern polar region; here they appear over the Talkeetna Mountains in Alaska. During particularly intense magnetic storms, aurora borealis can occasionally be seen in some of the lower 48 states as well.

swedish fashion stamps

swedish fashion stamps

Speaking of stamps, I was reading another blog (was it this one?) that mentioned these Swedish Fashion Stamps that I thought were really artsy and cool. I bookmarked the Postal Shop but not the blog, although I was able to find a larger image of the stamps here.

I’ve always liked stamps, but I’ve never been a collector (not counting the random old ones that sit in the bottom of our stamp drawer, like a pair of 32¢ Marilyn Monroe stamps that I can never bring myself to use). David has several sets that his mom has framed from him in the past, some cartoon ones and a nice collector’s sheet of Hawaiian surfing legend Duke Kahanamoku.

And for those of you who don’t already know, you can even make your own postage stamps. I made a set for my sister in-law a couple years back, using a photo of her new baby boy, and they were adorable! Check ’em out here.

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