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Happy Halloween 08!

It is lame, I know, but this is the only photo I could find to accompany this post. It’s from a calendula flower that is blooming right now in our front yard. No pumpkins or any other sort of halloweeness this year, which is a little sad. It doesn’t help that this is David’s least favorite holiday. And, even though I bought a mixed bag of swedish fish/sour patch kids (fat free!) to give out, I’m afraid I’ve eaten most of it myself. Sorry kiddies. I’ll see if I can motivate myself to make a last minute jaunt to the store. I feel like a cop-out for not following my own post from last year. Anyway, hope everyone has some good old-fashioned and safe fun tonight!


IntelliGender Results

Last week I won a blog giveaway on Droolicious for an IntelliGender Gender Prediction Test kit. According to the web site, you can take the test as soon as you’re 10 weeks pregnant. So, the question is, does it work? In my case, the answer is yes. After I inserted my first morning’s urine sample into the test container and waited the ten minutes, it did show a slightly orange tint, indicating that I’m having a girl (which I already knew from an ultrasound). A dark or smoky green color change would have indicated a boy.

Before I had my 20 week ultrasound I was really curious as to the gender of my baby, but I don’t know if I would have paid the $35 for the test. However, for those who really want to know, and are willing to take the results with some skeptism (just in case), this might be a fun, early trimester activity.

My First Softie

Here is the softie for the swap I mentioned earlier. The pattern is from the book Sew Pretty Christmas Homestyle. It turned out pretty good for a first attempt. Sewing such small, rounded corners was quite a challenge. The fabric is the same dot print used on the art cards that are also part of the swap package, and I used non-toxic fabric paint for the eyes and nose. The set is going to my partner’s new nephew, whose room is done in baby blue and brown, and she is a big fan of polka dots. Hope they like it!

Cute Fabric Art Cards

I made this set of little notecards today as part of a swap package. They were inspired by all the cool fabric art and cute graphics I’ve come across lately. I cut the shapes out of scraps of flannel and craft felt and glued them in place. The other part of the swap package will consist of a softie, which I’ve never made before. I’m not sure if my sewing skills are up to something like that, but I guess I will be finding out soon!

Baby Craft Tutorial Roundup

A while back I started a page devoted completely to cool baby craft tutorials. There is a tab below the blog header that links to it. It contains a mix of my own tutorials and other people’s projects. So far there are tutorials for baby hair clips, appliqued onesies, felt baby shoes, burp cloths, kimono wrap, diaper and wipes pouch (poopy clutch), knit hat with earflaps, LED baby booties, diaper cake and embellishing baby tees. I hope to add more as I come across them on the net, so check back if you’re interested, or let me know what some of your favorite ones are and I’ll add them to the list.

Collecting Chanterelles

While we were at the coast this weekend, we also went mushroom hunting for Chanterelles. It is a surprisingly fun past-time, especially with friends. You get to spend time outdoors, hiking in the deep woods, keeping your eyes peeled for little spots of color along the ground. Then you get the thrill of the find, sometimes falling upon a whole group at once. And later, once the little beauties are all checked over, cleaned, trimmed, and sliced, they get cooked up for dinner. We had them sauteed in butter and parsley this weekend, but the leftovers will likely find themselves into omelets, mushroom risotto, and other tasty dishes (like maybe mushroom turnovers with sour cream, a recipe from my new copy of Everyday Food).

Another cool thing about mushroom hunting is that you see things that you might have missed if you weren’t trying to look at everything so carefully. I’ve seen these little snails along the ground before, but I’ve never seen this little red woodland lizard that Marcy found. They are tiny things, and easily overlooked, but they all share the forest. It is cool to think about.

On our way home from the coast, we stopped along a side road off the highway, in an area that looked to be promising. We pretty much came on several batches right away, and stayed for maybe an hour. I was pretty exhausted and sore after hunting around the day before (imagine me for a moment, 34 months pregnant, clumsy and awkward, climbing over fallen logs, and up steep hillsides. Then imagine Marcy doing the same thing with a 6-month old strapped to her chest. At least we survived unhurt, unlike my poor husband who actually sprained his ankle). At this new place, however, it was almost like they just popped up on their own. I was hardly trying and there they were. So we borrowed Alex’s dehydrator and are giving that a whirl. After a few more harvests like this one, we’ll have mushrooms to last the winter.

I’m so crafty…

Hah! I totally got a kick out of seeing this shirt! They should make it in pink, too. From MuthaCrafter.

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