Why I bought an imac

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This past weekend I finally broke down and bought a new imac. Somehow I missed puremotif’s Mac Dreams post – we could have been commiserating together – apparently she was also struggling with the decision to buy, although she eventually chose a laptop. I can only hope my old ibook will hold out a little bit longer.

Working on my old G4 was just getting too painful… waiting for items to load or save, not being able to work properly on large files, and seeing the “wheel of death” way too often … it was just too much. I think I was beginning to loose my sanity. Plus, while working at my old design firm I got really used to scrolling with a mighty mouse and not just an optical. It’s kind of embarrassing how we get used to new technology and feel like we can’t live without it.

So, why did I go with an imac? Price, really. Since I’ve been working at home more than ever (which is still not as much as I’d like) I realized that it only made sense to have the proper equipment. Although, in some ways, I wish I could have waited, and maybe purchased a G5 tower. Besides being stronger and faster, it would have lasted much longer due to its many user customizable and upgradeable features. With the imac, I learned, the only upgrade I can do myself, without an apple certified specialist, is adding memory.

On the other hand, lucky David already has a G5. You’d think we might have been able to split time on it a little bit better, but when two graphic designers get simultaneous jobs, it is hard to sit and wait around (me) knowing that clients expect a reasonable turnaround. Also, we both do other computer-related activities like Age of Empires/surfing the web/emailing (David) and blogging/photo archiving/surfing the web/emailing (Me). Actually, it is downright scary how long we sit in front of our computers – our chairs maybe 2 feet away, yet world’s away in our heads.

And lastly, I had a monitor problem. Can you imagine concentrating on a project, only to have the screen go blank for several seconds at random every once in a while? Just the memory of that makes me GRRR!!! I will admit that patience is not one of my better virtues. It just isn’t. Thus, my brand new imac. I only wish they still came in white. 🙂

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  1. 1 puremotif September 21, 2007 at 5:26 am

    Wow. . . . it sounds like our laptop struggles are SO similar. I am currently working on a 666 mhz from like 2001 . . . and the screen is only hanging on by one hinge!!! I have screen flashes and spinning wheels of death (isn’t it funny how mac users call it the same thing) constantly. . . i can completely relate to your pain.

    we tried out the imacs – they really were spectacular. I mean, so beautiful. I’m very excited for you!!

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