New Pooh Phone Ornament from Italy

I get excited over the funniest things.

Two years ago when our friends Marcy and Alex returned from a trip to Italy, Marcy brought back a handful of super-cute tiny Pooh bears. Basically, they were miniature, hard-plastic bears, each wearing a different, removable, stretchy-rubber costume.

At the time, they were popular in Italy as cell phone ornaments, presumably so you could i.d. your phone at a glance. I wish I had a picture of my old one, before it got all beat up and the tail pulled apart. It was a Pooh in a red seahorse outfit with yellow stripes. I played with it all the time. Plus, it actually made it easier to feel for my phone at the bottom of my purse.

This year, Marcy said they were a lot harder to find, but eventually she did come across some. Lucky me! The pic above is of my new one – a little garden gnome! It reminds me of one of my all-time favorite movies “Amelie.” Irresistible! Why hasn’t anyone brought this trend to the US?

Read more at my other mini winnies post. 


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