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What a lovely day. This morning, after a bit of a late start, we headed to the coast. Our first stop was Seaside, but the wave situation wasn’t so good there so we made for Ecola State Park near Cannon Beach. I love this park although the waves are rarely good, and being Oregon, its always freezing cold. There is something more peaceful and protected about it, with a pretty beach and beautiful scenery.

I am pitifully out of shape. Nothing makes it more obvious than trying to fumble through wave after wave of white water just trying to get off the shore. My arms and sides are so sore from trying to paddle out. Either I’ll sleep like a baby tonight or every painful movement will jolt me awake.

It was fun though. David caught several nice rides early on and throughout, and I was actually able to paddle out beyond the white water to wait for waves with him. There are days that the breaks are so rough that I just can’t get past them. Of course, once I’ve caught a wave, I end up riding it most of the way in, only to have to fight my way back out again. Barkley had a great time as well, running along the sand and fetching the pieces of driftwood we’d hurl into the water for him to retrieve. This was only the third time we’ve taken him surfing with us, although he’s been to the beach quite a few times. The first two times he would bark as we left him (secured to a tree with plenty of water and at least a sliver of shade). This time David went out first, then I did a walk around the beach. He barked only once, and after I was out of sight, I circled back around to him, so that he would be reminded that we’ll always come back eventually. I left him with a Greenie as I grabbed my surfboard and headed to the water. This time he was fine and didn’t bark at all.

After surfing we drove into Cannon Beach for our favorite halibut “fish and chips” dinner at Ecola Seafoods and then gorged ourselves to fresh waffle cones and ice cream at The Picnic Basket. Normally I am a mint chocolate chip kind of girl but today a scoop of both chocolate peanut butter and caramel pecan praline ruled the day. Delicious!

On our way home we stopped at Raintree, a nursery near Seaside which is now owned by Seven Dees. There were several nice hedges blooming where we sat and ate dinner so we brought in a few clippings to see if they could i.d. them for us. $56 bucks later we ended up with three gorgeous dahlias, a six-pack of lobelia, two compact escallonia and one Irish heath with the most adorable little purple egg-shaped bell flowers. David is becoming quite the gardener, and I am so glad this is something that we enjoy together. We’ve spent a fortune on plants for our yard since we bought the house. Unfortunately, the two important things I learned a little too late are: 1. Buy mostly perennials. Annuals are fun for color spots, but after the season ends your money is gone. Perennials offer repeat blooms year after year, a long-term commitment but a real bargain. 2. Always plan room for evergreens. It totally sucks when all the deciduous plants die out in the winter and leave nothing but swathes of ugly dirt where their once was healthy blooms and foliage. Evergreens that bloom are the way to go (thus our new escallonia and heath, but also our lavender, hebes, azealeas, rhododendrons, heather, viburnum, etc).

I’m sad to say that I hardly took any photos today, except of the plants, so I’m inserting a previously taken photo of David above. It was too fun just to be active, and bask in the memorable, if fleeting, moments of a perfect summer day.


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