Another Rummer for Sale

rummer home

One of my beloved Rummer homes just went on the market for the bargain price of $435,000. It is just so beautiful that my heart just aches to live in a place like that, so open and bright and spacious. Its funny how my heart beats a little faster everytime I see one.

Normally, I’m pretty happy in our little house. After three years we’ve built up some nice equity and done some comfortable remodeling. Its times like these though, with my thoughts filled with dreams and envy that I have to remind myself how lucky I am and not dwell on the “if onlys.” “If only I didn’t have a student loan that will take me another 10 years to pay off” – “If only I could win the lottery,” – “If only I chose a more lucrative career…”

I’m happy. Truly, I am. I like what I do, where I live, and my life in general. But just maybe I’d be a little happier living in a Rummer. 🙂

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