Eastern Oregon Day 2: Joseph,Wallowa Lake, Hell’s Canyon

(A brief overview written at the end of the day – hope to fill in more notes and photos later…)

Today we started the day with a fun walk to the lake and through the camp area with Barkley. When we returned we boiled water and had oatmeal and coffee for breakfast. Afterward we took the Wallowa Tram to the top of Mt Howard and did the summit loop.

wallowa lake tram

ground squirrel

Once back down to the valley we went into Joseph for a brief jaunt through the Fly Shoppe to get lunch recommendations and fishing information. Lunch was a shared chicken salad sandwich and clam chowder washed down with a chocolate malt from Mad Mary’s, a 1950’s style soda shop. I think their tag line was “Everything that’s fun and fattening.” Seriously.

After lunch we headed to Imnaha and up the 24 miles of winding gravel road to Granny’s Loop and the Hat Point lookout tower (elevation 6982′) for a lovely view of Hell’s Canyon and the many wildflowers that poplulate that elevation this time of year.

For dinner we returned to our campsite and made grilled ham & cheeses, green beans, and chips. We played a hand of cards and are now comfortably ensconced in out tent. Looking forward to a good nights sleep.


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  1. 1 Holly Forrest September 25, 2008 at 4:24 pm

    Loved your descriptions and photos of the trip, especially this part.

    Where, exactly, is that long wooden walkway that curves out with great views?

    How was the road – would a Toyota Camry handle it okay or would we go nuts?

    Could you climb up the Hat Point Tower?


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