Eastern Oregon Day 1: Pendleton, Wallowa Lake

(A brief overview written at the end of the day – hope to fill in more notes and photos later…)

pendleton woolen mill

pendleton spinning machine

Today we drove from Portland to Wallowa Lake, stopping only in Pendleton to take the tour through the woolen mill where the famous Pendleton Blankets are made. We almost passed up the chance, because Barkley is with us and we didn’t want him to stay too long alone in the car. Luckily, the tour was barely 20 minutes, and it wasn’t very warm out. Hopefully some of the pictures I took turn out.

Some interesting things we saw on our drive today included several massive pieces of windmill on its way to Wasco (talk about WIDE LOAD), and a guy in the small town of Elgin riding a really old (circa 1900s?) bike – the really tall kind with the large front wheel and tiny back wheel. And I can’t begin to describe the interesting scenery.

boats at wallowa lake

wallowa lake rocks

trees by wallowa lake

david and barkley near wallowa lake

We’re now at the Wallowa Lake Camp ground. The lake and surrounding mountains are just stunning, and deer are just everywhere. We arrived about dinner time and I whipped up a meal of cubed steak and gnocchi with green beans. Its amazing how gourmet things taste with just a little Italian seasoning and garlic salt. Afterwards we went on a nice walk to the river and lake with Barkley (poor guy, that was such a long car trip for him!). We lit a camp fire when we returned and, of course, toasted marshmallows and made smores. Ah, camping! How I’ve missed you!


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