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I have an admission to make. There is probably no good way to say this, and at this point I’m pretty much already damned, but I’ve finally broken down…exchanged many dollars of my hard-earned money…gone against the wise counsel of my husband and the majority of the population…and made the irreversible decision to finally buy…a fanny pack.

I know! OH MY GOD WHAT WAS SHE THINKING! Yes, I know they are considered god-awful and a major fashion faux-pas, and I swear that I’ve never once before stooped to wearing one. Its just, I guess I’m at a point in my life where wearing one actually sort of makes sense. Sort of.

I’m not sure where waist packs got such a bad rep – was it the ubiquitous american tourist with their hawaiian shirts and security belts? Or the Birkenstock wearing hippies with their saggy hemp carryalls and frayed zippers (dare I admit here that I own Birkenstocks and like hemp)? Or perhaps its simply how a waist pack creates the worst unsightly bulge at the exact point to make one look ones fattest? (Notice how I write waist pack. Fanny pack just seems so much worse.)

I’ve come to believe,or at least convinced myself, that there are occasions where waist packs are perfectly acceptable, especially when hands need to be free. Backpacks are fine, but often bigger than necessary, while a waist pack can actually be more discreet. Also, being that I have an old neck injury, it will feel so good to get the weight off my shoulders.

I did the dirty deed at REI. They have a nice selection and all I wanted was something small to hold my keys, camera, phone, and maybe my wallet and sunglasses. Something that I could take on a hike or bike ride or a long walk with the dog. I decided on the Eagle Creek Wayside which is light and compact, perfect for just the essentials. The other one I looked at and kind of wish I had gotten was the PacSafe StashSafe, which is more for travel and security because it has a wire-reinforced, slash-proof belt and concealed lock and key. Pretty fancy, and definitely worry-free.

So now you know, just in time for my vacation starting tomorrow. And, oh yeah, here’s the comic that David so thoughtfully sent me the day after…


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