A Sign from the Heavens

Now that I’ve become more familiar with Etsy, I’ve really been thinking about what I could make and sell. It is something that I’ve always wanted to do, and the fact that there are so many great artists out there, going out on a limb and presenting their own work just inspires me!

So what to make? Naturally, as a graphic designer papergoods are pretty much my specialty. I could always do notecards or wedding invitations, but what about craftier things? I used to enjoy pouring handmade candles before I went back to school for design, and I’ve also made decorative soaps which I gave away as gifts. But what else?

As usual, David came up with a better idea. To start out, we’ll make birdhouses!

He’s been saying for a while now that we should make some birdhouses. He’s made some with his Dad before, and we have the best source of salvaged wood available – from Alex, our contractor friend, who often has leftover wood just waiting to be recycled into something useful.

I checked on Etsy and there are a lot of birdhouses for sale, some only decorative, some usable, and some just random. Our goal is to make ours more modern – not overly cute, and definitely with the purpose of actually housing wild birds. Our long lasting cedar houses will be made with specific, bird-friendly features, and the modern design will be in the form of painted details.

And get this – this is what’s truly startling – while I was sitting down at my computer to update my blog this weekend A BIRD’S NEST FELL FROM THE SKY! Isn’t that bizarre? It scared the shit out of me because my computer is right beside the window. The nest fell with a THUMP and got partially caught on the gutter, where it lay dangling like a shoe caught up on an electrical wire.

David went out to investigate and pull it down. Turns out it must have fallen from the pine tree next to our office window. David said he saw a raven flying around making a lot of noise up there. See? Little birds need the safety of a good birdhouse! I don’t know if this nest was already used to nurture baby birds or if it was being made in preparation, but after taking a few photos (see below) we left it there in case the owner wanted to reclaim it (or pieces of it).

Bird Nest

Bird Nest

Bird Nest Detail

I have never seen a nest quite like this one before. I’ve seen twig nests, but this one was more like a woven or felted pouch. It was made with all kinds of things – lichen, moss, fibers, hair (likely from our dog, Barkley), paper, miniature twigs, plant material, downy feathers (which makes me wonder if it already served its purpose) and other things I just don’t recognize. But it was put together like a pro, and the photo does not do it’s craftmanship justice. What a weird thing to have happen.

So what greater sign do we need, than to have a bird’s nest fall from the sky?


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  1. 1 amethystlune May 21, 2007 at 1:48 pm

    i found your site off the lovely tags/categories and just wanted to say ‘oh my gawd!’ the nest falling from the sky is such a sign! 🙂

    i’m in a similar boat… wanting to create and sell something. there are so many great artists. i think i’m more fearful that my creations won’t be as nifty. but nevertheless, one day…. what inspired me? etsy! i recently found that site and was, just like you, totally inspired to create.

    maybe one day a bird nest will fall in my world. ;p

    good luck with everything!

  2. 2 paperseedblog May 21, 2007 at 2:13 pm

    Amethystlune,thanks for your response! I feel that same thing exactly – that my creations won’t be as nifty, but we’ll never know until we try, and sometimes, just getting past that self-doubt can be liberating. I enjoyed checking out your blog and think it is SO wonderful that you’re moving to Puerto Rico. What an adventure you have ahead of you!

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