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I accidentally came across the website a while back and can’t believe I hadn’t heard of it sooner. Basically it is a place to sell handmade items using a professional, specifically designed site. So much better than trying to list anything on Ebay and hoping that it’ll reach the right audience. Plus you can also have your own little web shop.

I sent a link to David and he told me he’s directed me here before, but I don’t remember. Sometimes he is just too cutting edge for me to catch up with or maybe I just wasn’t in the right frame of mind to appreciate a website like this at the time. But anyway, there are really cool items for sale on Etsy. I love the pillows, totes and notecards from Joom (which brings to mind Lotta Jansdotter’s work), this sweet Silver Sakura Bobby Pin by StudioAcorn, and this hip striped Dog Collar by TheModernPet (all shown in the image above).

I have a feeling christmas shopping might be a little bit easier this year.

Note: The Silver Sakura Bobby Pin might not be posted anymore, because I went back and bought it! I am sooo bad! That dog collar might be next…


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