Giving Notice via Email

The company I work for officially lost one of its long-time clients. I just found out this morning, during our weekly production meeting. Of course, when something like this happens, you immediately think about your job security and what news like this might mean. Well, at about noon today, a production artist sent this email:

RE: There is no subject line witty enough…

Hello, everyone.

As of today, I won’t be a part of the (company) team.

Not sure what else to say — I wanted to say goodbye to everyone, and around here a mass email seems like the most fitting way to do so. I’ve had a great time working with — and getting to know — all of you, and I got to do a great big amount of learning about design and production and the industry, and I’d like to thank you all for that, and for putting up with my occasionally clumsy ways.

Thanks for everything, and best luck to all of you! I’m sure there are great things ahead for (the company).


…and then he immediately got up and walked right out.

I was like whoa! how abrupt and bizarre was that? Totally out of left field, and so soon after the big announcement. I just didn’t know what to make of it. No closure, no saying goodbye (although not like I blame him, I don’t like goodbyes or confrontation either). So that’s that. Our little office is now one person less.

I eventually found out that he was let go by one of the managers and I think she felt bad about doing it. So much so that another manager wrote this in reply:

(Production Artist), you are truly a class act.

We’re so sorry to see you go, and we wish you the very best. You’re a talented and whip-smart guy, but that also means there’s no way you won’t land on your feet.

Thanks again for all you’ve done for us.

Isn’t that nice? Of course, the production artist didn’t receive that email before leaving, but I forwarded it to his personal email address along with some words of my own. I guess all things eventually come to an end…

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