The Offending Weed

The offending weed

David and I have been having a disagreement over a plant in one of our front yard garden beds. He insists it is a weed and I’ve been saying that it isn’t – or at least we should wait and see. After all, when we first moved here several bare looking patches eventually grew into stunningly beautiful plants, especially the bulbs, peonies and sedum. Luckily our next door neighbor that has lived here for twenty years is also something of a gardener. She warned us about which patches to leave alone and we’re lucky she did.

Now that most everything indoors has reached the point of acceptability David and I are spending a lot more time working in the yard. It’s something we both enjoy and, David recently pointed out, that we’re well matched at. While I prefer to think about color, texture, foliage and do the pruning, planning and research on plants, he prefers to weed, transplant and mulch and do all the building of our raised beds, trellises, and retaining walls. We’re both learning so much, and have developed quite a library of reference – my favorite being the Sunset Western Garden Book.

So yesterday, before going to Seven Dees Nursery I cut a leaf and snapped a photo to take with us. The cashier (who always seems to be working and is a great source of information, if a bit standoffish) said right away that it was definitely a weed. I was like “Are you sure?” because it seemed like he barely glanced at it. He replied “not to be a snob but I would NOT want that thing in my garden.” He said basically that some people treasure their weeds, but he would get rid of it right away. He also recommended a good organic spray because it was obviously infected with something. (Sigh) So I guess David was right, and if there is something I dislike, it’s being wrong. But hey, live and learn…


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