Artist: Amy Ruppel

Among my favorite local artists is Amy Ruppel. I first heard about her from Lisa, another freelance graphic designer, back when I worked at adidas. I think I remember Lisa (who is also a painter) say she was friends with Amy, and that for some reason every time she tried to buy one of her paintings online, she always seemed to miss out.

Amy’s website and talents totally inspire me. She is both a professional designer, animator and artist. My favorite are her encaustic (beeswax) paintings of birds. I love how she has harnessed the web as a vehicle to promote and sell her work so successfully. At this point in her career, each online sale feels like an auction. Paintings go so fast, if you are not there at the time of opening, you pretty much miss out.

The first painting of her’s that I ever considered purchasing was called “Life of Others.” David and I saw it during a “Last Thursday on Alberta” at The Office. It was a larger, much more expensive painting and I just couldn’t make myself part with that much money. David and I went away on a trip that weekend and by the time we returned it was already sold, which was probably for the best. However, during a later online auction I bought the one above, a much smaller piece at 5.5″ x 8″, called “In Tune.” It feels so lighthearted and sweet and I love the look and texture (and even smell!) of the beeswax. It currently sits on a little wooden easel on top of the dresser in our bedroom.

Amy’s next online art sale is this Friday, April 27 at 11am.

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  1. 1 tabstudio April 25, 2007 at 7:05 pm

    Wonderful and inspiring, Thanks

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